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The Ionian Islands


Cephalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands.

The Ionian Islands are named Corfu, Ithaca, Kefallonia, Lefkada, Paxi, Zakynthos and Kythira which is situated opposite the southern Peloponnese.

These islands, which are the biggest of the Ionian Sea, constitute the famous Eptanissa (meaning seven islands; epta in Greek means seven).

Smaller islands of the Ionian Sea are as well, Antipaxi, Ereikoussa, Kalamos, Kastos, Mathraki, Meganissi, Othoni, Skorpios, Strofades.



AnconaAncona, Italy Villa dei SogniVilla dei Sogni, Cephalonia Mt. AinosΑίνος - Mount Ainos
ArgostolionΑργοστόλι - Argostolion CephaloniaΚεφαλονίας - Cephalonia AsosΆσος - Asos
Agios GerasiomosMonastery Agios Gerasimos MetsovoΜέτσοβο - Metsovo, Greece San MarinoSan Marino, Italy